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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchen Frame Systems

We do things differently when it comes to outdoor kitchens. Our proprietary frame system the easiest, fastest, and most efficient product available to build custom outdoor kitchens.

Features & Benefits:

  • Steel & Cement Board Frame
  • 100% Non-Combustible
  • Lightweight, Strong, & Durable
  • No Mess, No Cleanup
  • Use Any Appliances, Veneer, & Countertops
  • Completely Customizable Layout

Our Processes Include:

  • Initial Design
  • 3D Renderings
  • Site Measurements
  • Turn-Key Production & Installation

CHANGE the way you think about OUTDOOR KITCHEN BUILDS!

Galvanized Steel Frame System

We build all of our outdoor kitchens with a custom steel frame system to fit our clients exact needs.  Using galvanized 18 ga. and 20 ga. steel lighter, faster, easier, and more efficient than building with CMU block.

Our frame systems also thinner than CMU block, allowing more room for storage inside, as well as for more appliances and storage accessories to fit in a smaller footprint.

We wrap the steel frames in 1/2″ Hardie backerboard to create a solid surface for veneer and countertops installation.

RCS Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Backyard Elements is one of the largest distributors of RCS Appliances in Texas, allowing us to offer incredible pricing to our customers.

RCS is the best value in outdoor kitchen appliances.  For their grills and cooking accessories, they offer a good, better, best lineup, which includes our most popular series, the American-Made ARG series.

In addition to grills and cooking accessories, RCS has a full range of stainless steel refrigerators, ice makers, and storage products.

To view the full line of appliances and accessories available, please visit the RCS website.

Concrete Countertops

While just about any countertop product can be used on our outdoor kitchen frame system, the vast majority of the countertops we install are our concrete countertops.

Our concrete countertops are a great alternative to flagstone or granite.  We pre-cast concrete slabs in our manufacturing facility, then fabricate and color them to fit our custom outdoor kitchens.  Each slab is hand-cast and includes the following features and specifications:

  • 1 1/2″ Thick
  • Square (Eased) Edge Profile
  • Proprietary Concrete Mix
  • Factory Colored
  • Factory Sealed
  • Outstanding Durability
  • Standard & Custom Colors Available

To order samples of concrete countertops, please Contact Us.

Are You Working On An Outdoor Living Project?

We are a builders services company exclusively focused on outdoor living. We work with many pool builders, landscape companies, home builders, & remodelers to help them execute those projects with efficiency.

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