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About Us

Solution engineering is our driving principle.  Efficient building systems is the reward.  At Backyard Elements, we are dedicated to helping building pros deliver on the dreams of their customers.  We chose outdoor living as our focus because it’s been embedded in our DNA for over twenty years.  It’s what we know and where we can have the biggest impact. 

We started out as outdoor living contractors with a design/build construction company focusing on backyard remodels.  During that time, we learned the importance of efficiency.  Efficiency is the only true driver of profitability that a building professional has.  Without efficiency, profits fly out of the door!

To satisfy our need for more efficient systems for building outdoor living projects, we developed products that saved us a substantial amount of time and money, resulting in much higher profits.  These products were tweaked and re-engineered over the years and ultimately became the core focus our our company.

The gathering spot for friends and family has shifted to the backyard, and we can’t think of a better place to realize our motivation for developing systems that achieve our goals.  The outdoor living space is the most exciting room in the house – for us and your customers.